Our Client Testimonials from Kenya and around the world

In 2016, John Njenga, a former truck driver was diagnosed with a spinal disc and nerve line problem which affected his movement.

“The doctors told me that I have to seek medical treatment in India where I was supposed to have an operation to correct the spinal problem. The treatment would cost me Sh1.6 million, which I could not afford. I was so stressed and the problem rendered me jobless and without a medical cover I was at the mercy of God, “recalls Njenga.His hopes for proper medical treatment dashed, only to be rekindled by a friend who recommended thermo-therapy treatment for him. “A friend referred me to a treatment centre in Ruaka area, where he was treated on the same problem. When I visited the centre I was just placed on the thermo-therapy bed where the realignment of my spinal disc and nerve problem were corrected after some months and today I back on my feet,” says Njenga.

Ceragem Kenya

I have less pain and more mobility

I have been using Ceragem for just over a year now. I have less pain and more mobility.

I had been suffering with a frozen shoulder for a year and a half, aches and pains for about 7 or 8 years, and diabetes for over 10 years.

I had been using painkillers and ointments to help with the pain.  Everything I did was trouble even putting on my cardigan or coat because I couldn’t lift my arm.

My daughter first told me about Ceragem but I didn’t take any notice until some friends also told me.

My first time was very good. Relaxed body and it eased the pain.  I use Ceragem as often as I can – about 4 times each week.

I wanted to keep using Ceragem because I started to see benefits. It was only about 4 to 5 months ago that I started feeling real benefits.

I have more energy now and sleep better sometimes too.

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Beth Muthoni’ son Peter Wakaba was also diagnosed with Osteoarthritis.

“We realized the problem 9 months after Peter was born and the doctors told us that our son had Osteoarthritis and needs special treatment or else he will not be able to walk his entire life. This was devastating to us and we tried numerous treatment but all were not providing a lasting solution until we decided to go for thermo-therapy treatment, “comments Muthoni.Peter was placed under thermotherapy treatment for months where the treatment was administered through a special thermo-acupressure device which is mostly powered by electricity.Muthoni added that “After a year on the treatment, Peter today can walk normal and even the low vision loss which is associated with this kind of problem is no more. This kind of treatment is very vital to children with special needs and the government should embrace such kind of treatment as a way of combating lifestyle diseases.”

Ceragem Kenya

I am no longer in pain and have more motivation
It works for me. I have nothing but praise for the therapy.

I have had a problem for years with my sacroilliac joint. It is a very established condition. I have tried massage and hydrotherapy.

When you are in pain you are miserable, can’t walk far, it hurts to sit, stand, and even in bed.

A friend at the gym told me about Ceragem. There was a friendly welcome when I went but I was sceptical. My first treatment was strange but I enjoyed the warmth.

I have been using Ceragem for over 3 months now and try to come at least twice a week. Maybe the pain would return if I did not use Ceragem. Relief from the condition has motivated me to continue using Ceragem. I now easily get out of bed, I am no longer in pain and have more motivation. I am much happier. It works for me.  I have nothing but praise for the therapy.

I plan to continue using Ceragem at least twice a week. If I have a windfall I would certainly wish to purchase my own bed. At the moment I could not afford to but you never know!

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