R&D Center


CERAGEM’s research and development center works around the clock in order to develop the best thermal massage bed in the industry.

The CERAGEM research and development center was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the thermal massage bed to be the best in the field of home medical devices. Since then, CERAGEM has been committed to bringing quality medical devices for consumers to use in the comfort and privacy of their homes. And unlike traditional unsightly medical devices that look industrial and are typically cumbersome, the V3 was engineered with a sleek modern compact design that’s sure to fit any décor in your house.


CERAGEM’s research and development team re-engineered the thermal massage bed to accommodate people of various heights and sizes with its 5 technological patents that no other thermal massage bed in the industry can provide. The spine scanning feature, 12 program modes, 6 levels of intensities, music therapy, and compact sliding design was specifically engineered to give you a fully customized massage experience that’s not available in any other thermal massage bed. The new Master V3 gives CERAGEM a competitive advantage and a product that’s unrivaled in the industry. Since the establishment of the research and development team on July 2000, CERAGEM has been committed to developing the best home medical devices in the world.

In April 2000, before the establishment of the research and development center, CERAGEM had its humble beginnings as a venture company appointed by the Small and Medium Business Administration. In September 2001, the development of the CERAGEM laboratory was certified as a research center. In May 2005, the facility was re-established as the CERAGEM R&D Center and relocated to the city of Cheonan-Si, where the headquarter and manufacturing facility resides today.

The relocation of the manufacturing facility immediately eradicated many existing problems with the supply chain and streamlined the manufacturing process, allowing for further developments of advanced innovative products. As of March 2009, the research and development center expanded to three locations: the cities of Jeongchon-ri, Seongeo-Eup, and Cheonan-Si near its headquarters. CERAGEM also collaborates with University research projects and research companies to remain competitive and be the #1 leaders in the thermal massage bed industry.