The Compact P590 offers a satisfying customized thermal massage to your entire family.


The new user-friendly features of Ceragem compact P590 not only allow you to enjoy the thermal massage but also to find satisfaction in innovated convenience and durability with the austere exterior and the slide-in compartment box. It uses cutting-edge technology that applies a heater that is made of new material.



Intuitive User Interface

Straightforward and Minimalistic

Its simple icons ensure an easy understanding of the user interface, allowing your entire family to operate the machine effortlessly. Enjoy the thermal massage and relax in the convenience of your home.

Temperature Control

Feel the Difference

Enjoy greater comfort and satisfaction with CERAGEM’s automatic temperature control. It ensures complete convenience by adjusting and optimizing temperature between 32°C and 65°C.

Smart Design

Convenience at Your Disposal

The Compact P590 equips a slide-in drawer to store projectors. It houses separate compartments and pads to prevent the projectors from clustering, is durable and embodies complete convenience for you.

Safety Connector

Tested so You Don’t Have To

Each connector is vigorously tested and have passed flexure tests as many as 2,40,000 times. They improve linkage to other mechanical elements and increase durability.

Intensity Control

Control Your Massage

Not everyone is the same; different people prefer different intensity for their massage. CERAGEM’s 5mm-thick two-tier adjustable ensures that it is easy to control the intensity of the thermal massager. This results in a more effective massage session, thanks to its smart intensity controller.