Ceratonic Mat M1

This is a warm Mat fully on ceratonic, with the ability to adjust the temperature. (30 0c~650c)


  1. Ceratonics made from healthful loess and serpentine jade
  2. Focused radiant far infrared heat from hexagonal ceratonic stones
  3. Safety device installed to block electromagnetic waves and prevent overheating
  4. The compact size allows convenient thermal therapy on various parts of the body including the stomach and waist
  5. Moisture & dirt is minimized through the use of suede and hardwood charcoal fabric
  6. Convenient and improved design using a simple knob
  7. 852mm×440mm×50mm (W x L x H)


  1. Enhances Deep Sleep
  2. Body Temp. Up always
  3. Enhances Blood Circulation.
  4. Strengthens Immunity
  5. Promotes Metabolism
  6. Generates Negative ions

Does one degree of the body temperature save my body?
Low body temperature leads to aging and cancer. It is imperative to maintain the body temperature at 37 degrees, which is given by God; however, the body temperature keeps dropping in recent years. (Causes: stress, lack of exercise, overeating, drugs, cloth, etc.) – Masashi Saito (anti-aging specialist)

If the body temperature drops

  1. Oxidation in the body
  2. Acceleration in aging and metabolism disorder
  3. Blood circulation disorder
  4. Degrade of immunity
  5. Ploriferation of cancer cells and pathogens

If the body temperature rises

  1. Improved blood circulation
  2. Reduction of visceral fats
  3. Relieving constipation and colon cancer prevention
  4. Memory enhancement and dementia prevention
  5. Skin improvement and anti-aging