Ceragem’s Ceratonic Master V3

An automatic therapeutic thermal massage bed that manages human health through the spine re-alignment and spinal nerves stimulation
Through the thermal massage of the spine(central nervous system), it relieves the compressed nerves along the spine, thus restoring the functions of the nerves, boosting the body’s immunity and the intrinsic Natural Healing Power.


  1. Intensity levels: adjustable strength with which it massages.
  2. 12 Massage Programs: 12 massage programs each designed for different health conditions and user requirement.
  3. Smart Design: Can be folded/slided in to save space when not in use. Can act as HOT SOFA when folded.
  4. Sound Therapy: Comes with 10 clasical and sounds of nature and functional music meant to help you reach deep meditative state and relaxation while enjoying thermal massage. SD Card that can contain up to 100 songs of your choice(mp3).

Spine Scanning

The length of the spine varies with all people. The CERAGEM Master V3 measures the length of the user’s spine and uses that information to offer a fully customized and tailored massage experience.
The internal projector begins scanning from the base of the neck down to the pelvic bone to measure the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature. The V3 then administers a customized massage that best accommodates your unique body structure. Running between the cervical vertebrae and the coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector stimulates specific acupressure points along the spine based on your height, or the length of your spinal column, which varies from person to person. The V3 is the only thermal massage bed capable of implementing a fully customized massage based on the user’s height.

The spinal scan measures the length and spinal curvature of your spine, while the automatic vertical (up-&-down) internal projector adjusts to match the contours of your back. The internal projector then travels horizontally along your back to produce a massage that’s custom tailored for your unique spine.

Intensity Control

The APMS that automatically follows the curvature of the user’s spine also offers 6 levels of intensities so that you can control the level of strength of your massage experience.

12 Various Pressure Stimulation Programs

The Master V3 offers 12 massage programs to choose from based on the theories of alternative medicine. Select the best massage experience that’s tailored just for you.

Ceragem Sound Therapy

CERAGEM’s music selection includes classical music and sounds of nature to help you reach a deep meditative state of mind while you enjoy your massage experience.

CERAGEM’s sound therapy is aimed at relieving stress while providing deep mental relaxation. The 10 included sound tracks are a variety of classical music, sounds of nature, and calming music to aid in meditation. In addition, the included SD Card (4 GB) allows the user to download their own favorite soundtracks for a truly customized experience.
Included in the hardware are 2-way speakers, an earphone jack, a MP3 dual remote control, and a 4GB SD Card.

Slide-in option to function as a thermal sofa

The Master V3 features a slide-in bed that minimizes the need for large spaces and a modern design that fits any décor in your home.

Sliding Design

The sliding design allows the option to slide the legs in and convert the massage bed to a sofa. The sofa heats up and provides optimal spatial efficiency.
A world-renowned design consulting firm with clients such as British Airways, Toyota, P&G, and Samsung designed the new CERAGEM Master V3 with it’s new sleek modern lines.