After conception, the brain first develops and takes form after 16 days ⇒ then spinal cord and nerves.
It receives orders from the brain and controls cells, organs, systems, etc
Pressure on Nerve line(Lifeline) ⇒ Origin of all diseases
All organs communicate to/from the brain(central command system).
Most diseases may be cured by dealing with the spine.
Healthy Spine equates to a healthy body
Spinal management which finds a twist part of the spine and relieve the spine is needed.

Digestion occurs in the stomach, and thoracic disk no.6 is connected to the stomach by spinal nerve.
Ceragem machine radiates heat, offers finger pressure and massage effect on T6 disc which is connected with the stomach and help improve and/or revitalize digestion process.
In Asia, if someone feels uncomfortable/develop stomach upset after taking food, his/her back is back slapped as a natural therapy means. The reason is to stimulate T6 to activate the stomach functioning.

  1. The Center of the Human body
    Consist of 26 bones ( Spine(24), Sacral (1), Coccyx (1)
    Spinal nerves (31) connect all body organs with the spinal cord
    Spinal nerves controls important function of body Including all senses, exercise, body heat, temperature maintenance, heart beat etc.
  2. Relationship between the Spine & Spinal CordSpinal nerves connects brain and all organs and it communicates with our body through spine. Therefore, it is a body messenger.
  3. Spine makes blood
    Blood is made in the marrow inside of bone!
    Therefore, spine is very important place to make blood which is a life spring.

How does Radient Far Infra-red heat help the spine & body?
It penetrates heat deeply in the human body (spine and organs)
The far infra-red heat from Ceragem machines softens the stiff and inflamed spine and helps it prevent from bending.

Human spine is like a pillar. If a problem occurs on one part, the part connected to it gets affected leading to collapse of the whole body.

  • Fall in sexual life
  • Leg pains (arthritis)
  • Backache during defecation
  • Headache
  • Breathing difficulty